Tombo Strikes a Harmonious Chord with South African Sensations Thembi Mona and Echo Deep for New Afro House Song, "Jika Zinto"


Tombo is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with South African singer Thembi Mona and renowned producer Echo Deep. The result of this unique partnership is the creation of a vibrant Afro House theme song titled "Jika Zinto," a soulful anthem that reflects the essence of African music.

Edem Jimbo, founder of Tombo has been a devoted fan of Thembi Mona's music for years. The journey began around five years ago when Edem was listening to an Afro House music mix featuring the song "Susakonke" by Thembi Mona feat DJ SK. The song left a mark on Edem, showcasing the impact music can have in freezing a moment in life.

Years later, when contemplating the vocalist for a new Tombo theme song, Edem's search led him to Thembi Mona. Intrigued by her vocal skills and inspired by the vision to use African music as a baseline for the shoe brand, Edem reached out to Thembi Mona to talk and after an exciting video call to confirm the authenticity of the collaboration, Thembi Mona embraced Tombo's vision, realizing their shared passion for music.

With the vocalist secured, Tombo needed a producer to craft the beats for "Jika Zinto." Edem stumbled upon Echo Deep's track "Do What I Love" on Spotify and was instantly captivated by his production skills. Taking a leap of faith, Edem reached out to Echo Deep, who eagerly joined forces to create the beats that complement Thembi Mona's vocals in the sensational "Jika Zinto."

 "Jika Zinto" is more than just a song; it's a motivational anthem that encourages you to become the change you wish to see in the world. The track narrates the journey of transforming one's circumstances and serves as a reminder of the transformative potential of music.

During the recording process, the collaboration took an unexpected turn when Thembi crossed paths with Lance Stehr. Impressed with her vocal skills, Stehr featured Thembi Mona on the soundtrack for the popular South African TV series, "Shaka Ilembe." Remarkably, Edem's earlier prediction that Thembi Mona was soundtrack-worthy became a reality, marking the beginning of a promising musical relationship.

This collaboration between Tombo, Thembi Mona, and Echo Deep is just the start of an exciting musical journey. Tombo envisions future projects that continue to celebrate and express the unique cultural heritage of Africa through the power of music and footwear.