TOMBO Unveils Debut Theme Song "Weekend Waka" in Collaboration with Eno Barony, Young D, and Tribe Mark


TOMBO, the rising African shoe brand, is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural theme song, "Weekend Waka," a collaboration featuring the dynamic talents of Eno Barony, Young D, and Tribe Mark. This innovative partnership marks a significant milestone for TOMBO as it not only ventures into the world of music but also reinforces its commitment to storytelling and cultural celebration.

Inspired by the captivating tale of an African girl with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer against her parents' initial reservations, "Weekend Waka" encapsulates the essence of TOMBO's latest shoe line. The narrative follows the girl's journey as she persuades her family to set aside fears and preconceptions, joining her in forming a dance group.

Against all odds, the family's courage takes them on a global adventure, sharing the dances and music of their people with millions worldwide. TOMBO's theme song, "Weekend Waka," serves as an anthem for those who dare to defy expectations, encouraging individuals to take that first step toward their dreams.

The collaboration with Eno Barony, Young D, and Tribe Mark brings a unique fusion of talent, reflecting the diversity and richness of African culture. The song not only complements the spirit of TOMBO's shoe collection but also amplifies the brand's dedication to creating products that tell a story and inspire courage.

"Weekend Waka" is more than just a theme song; it's an invitation to take steps in style, embracing the soul and music of TOMBO's inspiring tale. The brand encourages everyone to have the courage to embark on their journey, just as the characters in the song did, breaking barriers and embracing their passion.

TOMBO's debut theme song "Weekend Waka" is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering a rhythmic and soulful backdrop to accompany individuals on their unique journeys.

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