Tombo Collaborates With Angolan Producer Jose Beat To Create First Kuduro Theme Song


Tombo is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Angolan producer Jose Beat to create the first-ever Kuduro theme song 'Afro Refit'. Kuduro, a vibrant music and dance genre originating from Angola, is known for its uptempo beats, energetic rhythms, and infectious danceability. The collaboration between Tombo and Jose Beat aims to capture the essence of Kuduro and bring its electrifying vibes to a global audience.

Kuduro, developed in Luanda, Angola, in the late 1980s, draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical elements. Angolan producers skillfully sampled traditional carnival music such as soca and zouk béton from the Caribbean, techno influences from Europe, and accordion playing, combining these to create a fast-paced, four-to-the-floor beat that defines the genre. The result is a musical style that embodies high energy, excitement, and a unique cultural identity.

Tombo, dedicated to celebrating the richness of cultural diversity, found a perfect match in Kuduro, as it aligns with the platform's values of embracing the vibrant and distinct aspects of various cultures. The collaboration with Jose Beat, a young and talented producer from Angola, signifies a commitment to showcasing the best in global music and highlighting emerging talents.

Edem stumbled upon the Efeito 19 beat by Jose Beat while exploring a Kuduro playlist. The infectious energy and unique sound of Kuduro resonated with Tombo, making the collaboration with Jose Beat a natural fit for the creation of the theme song titled "Afro Retif."